Before you ask a question

We get a lot of questions on this forum. Unfortunately, we get more questions than we see people sharing how they are using melonJS; Very few project announcements, screenshots, show-and-tell, etc. I want to change that. This forum is a good resource for getting help, but it is not a substitute for reading the documentation, reading the FAQ, reading the wiki, reading the source code, following tutorials, or copy-pasting code from the example projects.

In an effort to reduce the kinds of questions that are already answered in any of the resources described above, I’m going to keep this topic pinned to provide a list of resources for you to read through before you ask, whatever your question may be. In most cases, and answer already lies in one of these pages. That said, there are a few classes of questions that cannot be answered anywhere except on the forum. Those are the kinds of questions I would like to see more often. Some examples are design patterns, framework suggestions, and integration questions.

Just keep in mind that we aren’t here to write your game for you. We are here to make games and see the games that others are making. As we continue to grow as a community, I’d like to ask the moderators to begin locking threads that are asking “bad questions” (whose lazy askers clearly didn’t do any research into their issue) and for community members to report such threads.

Here’s what you need to know:

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s make some games!