Spine 4.x runtime for melonJS

Happy to report that Spine runtime 4.1 & 4.2(beta) is now supported for melonJS through the below plugin :

it’s not yet perfect, but with the last 1.2 version, our melonJS runtime supports both Canvas and WebGL Rendering mode, including for tinting, and clipping

Some basic example demonstrating how to use the plugin are also provided under the test folder :

For those interested, version 1.3 of the melonJS Spine plugin was just released/published, and brings proper support for Mesh Attachement rendering.

Which means that the plugin can now render most of the examples from the esoteric website (actually all the examples included in the test folder are working, which is 80% of the examples provided on the esoteric website, and we just did not yet tried the 20% remaining).

And again, this is still a work in progress, so feedback and especially contributions are welcome!

Hi there ! Version 1.4 of the plugin has been published, besides some small code clean up and optimization, better inline documentation, this version mainly adds support for loading spine assets directly through the melonJS preloader.

more information and example here :