melonJS x Physic Engine Integration

A list of all integration using 3rd party Physic Engine and melonJS 2

Special thanks to @8Observer8 for his large contribution in all these demos !

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Do you think it’s better to use @box2d/core or box2d-wasm?

in my opinion @box2d/core definitely just a device reach/compatibility, as wasm will not run on all browsers.

But as well I was actually more leaning Rapier, for both API (easier) and performance (faster) reason. Ive been wanting to update those mario 2d demo port I made with @box2d/core and box2d-wasm, but I could not find the time yet.


I have an existing Java Box2D game which I’ll probably be porting to JS soon due to various compatibility reasons (web version is problematic in particular).

Rapier isn’t compatible with Box2D right? Since it’s also wasm I suppose it’ll have the same compatibility issues as box2d-wasm?

Rapier is replacement for Box2D, so not compatible. However you are right it’s also wasm… maybe matter.js then is a better choice for a pure js engine ?